How Alexis and Carol Make a 2-Year RTW Trip Happen

Save money for an RTW trip

Alexis Radoux, my guest today, recorded himself singing one song in 45 countries. After watching the video, I just had to talk to him. Alexis hails from France and did some hitchhiking in Europe when he was a teenager. After working for a while in France, he quit his job and lived as an expat in a […]

Road Trip With a Twist: Truck Bed Camping

Truck bed camping in cold weather

I’m always on the lookout for creative ways that people use to travel and my guest this week has a really unusual way to get around. For the past few weeks, Rachel and her husband Mike of TreePot Travels have been exploring North America in their truck. They even sleep in the truck — this is […]

7 Types of Financial Safety Net for Long-Term Travel

Prepare for emergencies during travel

You may be the most adventurous adventurer there is, but even you probably wouldn’t want to end up with no money in a foreign country. It’s always awesome to encounter the kindness of strangers during a trip (like the time I ran out of local currency in Taiwan). It’s not so awesome to be in a […]

Home Exchange 101: A Five-Minute Introduction to Free Accommodation

Free travel accommodation with home exchange

Home exchange is a great tool for budget travelers. By swapping homes with someone else, you’ll save money and get to enjoy living like a local.   What is home exchange? In a typical home exchange, you’d let someone stay in your home and you’d get to stay in his home. This way, both of […]

You Don’t Know It, but Your Big Risk Controls Your Life.

Jeanette Winterson Quote: There is no discovery without risk and what you risk reveals what you value

Everything you do carries some risk. The things you’ve done today? A multitude of things could’ve gone horribly wrong. When you drive a car, you accept the risk of running into a traffic jam, a bad driver or freak weather. When you shop with a credit card, you accept the risk of becoming victim to […]

Quick Trip Booking: 3 Easy Steps to Finding Travel Deals

Book budget travel

With so many tips out there about trip booking, the task of finding good travel deals could seem overwhelming. Sure, subscribing to airline and hotel newsletters is great advice when you have a lot of flexibility. But what if your work schedules don’t allow you to take off on a whim whenever there are airline […]

Redefining Retirement: Teaching English in China With Ruth

Teach English in China in Retirement

Sleep in. Join a book club. Golf. Garden. Spoil the grandkids. And, of course, travel. These are the things that probably come to mind when you think of retirement. But with the economy being the way it is, traditional notions of retirement are becoming less and less realistic. It’s unlikely that many retirees will be able […]

The Travel Quiz: What’s Your Travel Personality?

Travel Quiz: are you a vacationer, expat or nomad?

If you read enough about travel online, you must be familiar with the arguments people have, usually in the comments section of popular travel articles on big websites. Hardcore travelers say everybody can travel, while other commenters say it’s not possible except for ultra-rich people. Instead of writing a super-long piece about how we’re all […]

Pay $0 in Credit Card Fees When You Travel Abroad

Foreign transaction fees and DCC fees

It’s usually best to use credit cards when you travel. For one, credit cards are safe because they come with fraud prevention features. There’s no danger of someone draining your bank account. Also, credit cards offer great exchange rates. They convert currencies at the market rate, which is usually better than the rates you get […]

Kayci and Joe’s Year-Long, Round-the-World Honeymoon

Travel honeymoon

The average cost of a wedding seems to hover between $27,000 and $32,000, depending on who crunches the numbers. And while a more accurate median cost is a lot lower, it’s still about $18,000. That’s enough for an extended trip! And that’s what Kayci and Joe are doing. Like everybody else, they saved up before their […]