Rich Traveler Interview: How Kirsten Travels to Almost 80 Countries in a Wheelchair


Money is not the only thing that stops people from traveling. Sometimes, there are physical limitations that make travel difficult. I believe that, more than anything, being able to travel is about believing that it can be done. I hope today’s interview with Kirsten (a.k.a. Globetrotter in a Wheelchair) drives that point home. Despite her handicap, Kirsten has […]

Here’s Why You Should Invest in Index Funds @SmartyCents

In this world of choices, it can be difficult to decide where to invest that hard-earned money. The interest rates of savings accounts are laughably low and the stock market can seem scary. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. What if Warren Buffett himself were to tell you there’s an easy and reliable way to […]

Rich Traveler Interview: Nick and Dariece on Making the Gradual Transition Into Digital Nomads


Traveling full time usually also means quitting conventional, secure jobs. That’s a scary thing to do, especially if you’ve always had conventional, secure jobs all your adult life. So there’s a big puzzle you feel you have to solve before you jump: How can you not run out of money when you always travel and don’t have […]

The Complete Guide to Booking Multiple Separate Flight Tickets to Save on Airfares (Part 2)

Save on airfares by booking separate flights

Hope you guys enjoyed Christmas! Now, as you’re fighting off that holiday bloat, let’s continue where we left off last week. I posted about the benefits and risks of booking separate flights last week. Basically, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by purchasing separate flights. These are not connecting flights and that’s where the […]

The Complete Guide to Booking Multiple Separate Flight Tickets to Save on Airfares (Part 1)

Save on airfares by booking separate flights

The shortest distance between two places may be a straight line. But when it comes to saving money on airfares, taking detours may be the way to go. Here’s how, in a nutshell: Divide your trip into two or more segments, then purchase a ticket for each segment of the trip. The savings can be significant […]

Smart Shopper’s Guide to Renting a Car @SmartyCents

Americans spend $24 billion on rental cars every year, and about $7 billion of that is spent on airport car rentals during vacation travel. It’s no wonder competition for rental cars can get stiff surrounding busy holidays. To minimize the amount of your hard-earned money that goes into the rental car industry’s coffers, it’s important to be […]

Rich Traveler Interview: How Mar’s Work Took Her to 80 Countries

Making the most of business travel

A bit of housekeeping news: I’ve always featured traveler interviews on Nomad Wallet and I thought it would be nice to finally give the series a name. I decided on “Rich Traveler” because although the travelers I interview may not be rich in the conventional sense, they manage to travel the world. Most people assume world […]

33 Free Hotel Items to Take Home


Who doesn’t love little bottles of hotel toiletries? I don’t usually collect stuff, but I turn into a kleptomaniac when it comes to these bottles. They’re the perfect size for travel and they’re practically free souvenirs. There’s nothing wrong with taking these bottles home, despite how illicit it may feel. (It’s common for people to call […]

The Ultimate Packing List for Savvy Travelers @SmartyCents

Packing isn’t the most glamorous part of traveling. But if you do some careful advanced planning, it can make your life on the road a lot easier, saving you time, money and frustration in the long run. Consider this list of often-overlooked—and infinitely valuable—items to pack before your next major trip.   Portable Chargers These babies always […]

The Finances Behind Gunther Holtorf’s 26-Year RTW Road Trip


If you have some time to kill, brew yourself a hot beverage and sit down to read a long-form travel article on BBC. Read it on your desktop or laptop if possible; the page design is impressive and it just doesn’t look as good on a mobile device. Here’s the link: Gunther, Christine and Otto — How a man […]