Rich Traveler Interview: Yeison and Samantha on the Expat Life and Location Independence


Just as working full time sucks the life out of people who are more suited to a life of travel, traveling full time exhausts those who prefer to have a place to call home. Fortunately, there are lots of different alternatives in between.

For example, you can choose to live as an expat in another country and work there, using your days off to explore the surrounding areas. Once you feel like it’s time to move on, you can live in another country. Rinse and repeat as much as you like.

That’s what Yeison and Samantha of Mytanfeet are doing.

Yeison and Samantha met during a volunteer trip in Central America. After 2 years of being in a long-distance relationship, Samantha moved from the U.S. to Costa Rica to be with Yeison.

Samantha started out living as an expat who worked at local establishments and they’ve now managed to build location-independent income sources.

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Frugal Tips That May Not Actually Save You Any Money @SmartyCents

Personal finance is just that—personal. That’s why many tips for “living frugal” that I see on personal finance blogs or social media don’t interest me. They’re simply not applicable to my situation. In fact, some frugal tips are highly impractical for most people. Consider these popular frugal tips, and then take some time to reconsider.

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Rich Traveler Interview: How Dale and Franca Travel the World Full Time for 2 Years on $30,000


If I looked up “budget traveler” in a dictionary, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a picture of Dale and Franca there.

I’ve read many RTW budget reports and I rarely come across numbers quite like theirs. They have been traveling full time for 2 years now and they have yet to use up the $30,000 they originally left home with. This is impressive, considering the money covers all expenses for the two of them as they travel the world.

Dale and Franca have a great story about how they started traveling and I recommend that you read all about it on their blog, Angloitalian Follow Us.

In short, Dale had been wrestling with depression for some time and he finally managed to clear his head during a trip to Venice, so he asked himself, “Why can’t every day be like this?”

Then they realized that they could, in fact, make every day be just like that, so they made it happen. Life can be really simple when you know what you want.

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Rich Traveler Interview: How Kirsten Travels to Almost 80 Countries in a Wheelchair


Money is not the only thing that stops people from traveling. Sometimes, there are physical limitations that make travel difficult.

I believe that, more than anything, being able to travel is about believing that it can be done.

I hope today’s interview with Kirsten (a.k.a. Globetrotter in a Wheelchair) drives that point home. Despite her handicap, Kirsten has been to almost 80 countries.

Check out how she does it in this interview.

Here’s Why You Should Invest in Index Funds @SmartyCents

In this world of choices, it can be difficult to decide where to invest that hard-earned money. The interest rates of savings accounts are laughably low and the stock market can seem scary. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. What if Warren Buffett himself were to tell you there’s an easy and reliable way to make money in the stock market?

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Rich Traveler Interview: Nick and Dariece on Making the Gradual Transition Into Digital Nomads


Traveling full time usually also means quitting conventional, secure jobs.

That’s a scary thing to do, especially if you’ve always had conventional, secure jobs all your adult life. So there’s a big puzzle you feel you have to solve before you jump: How can you not run out of money when you always travel and don’t have a “real” job?

Over the years, Nick and Dariece of Goats on the Road have been RTW-ers, full-time travelers, expats and digital nomads. But it seems to me like they’ve maintained the same approach when it comes to their finances: plan for about a year or two into the future and see what happens.

If you want to travel full time, there’s a temptation to figure out every single thing before you start. I hope this interview can show that it’s okay to take it one step at a time.

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The Complete Guide to Booking Multiple Separate Flight Tickets to Save on Airfares (Part 2)

Save on airfares by booking separate flights

Hope you guys enjoyed Christmas! Now, as you’re fighting off that holiday bloat, let’s continue where we left off last week.

I posted about the benefits and risks of booking separate flights last week.

Basically, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by purchasing the different legs of your journey separately. These are not connecting flights and that’s where the risk factor comes in. If your first flight is delayed for some reason and you miss your second flight, the airlines are not responsible and won’t give you any compensation. You have to purchase a new ticket.

Is this risk worth the savings? That’s for you to decide.

If you want to go ahead and book separate flights to save money, take the necessary precautions to minimize your risk as much as possible.

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The Complete Guide to Booking Multiple Separate Flight Tickets to Save on Airfares (Part 1)

Save on airfares by booking separate flights

The shortest distance between two places may be a straight line. But when it comes to saving money on airfares, taking detours may be the way to go.

Here’s how, in a nutshell: Divide your trip into two or more segments, then purchase a ticket for each segment of the trip. The savings can be significant — often 30% and sometimes even more than 50%.

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Smart Shopper’s Guide to Renting a Car @SmartyCents

Americans spend $24 billion on rental cars every year, and about $7 billion of that is spent on airport car rentals during vacation travel. It’s no wonder competition for rental cars can get stiff surrounding busy holidays. To minimize the amount of your hard-earned money that goes into the rental car industry’s coffers, it’s important to be strategic about your car reservations. Start looking for the right car as early as you can—especially if you travel in a large group.

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Rich Traveler Interview: How Mar’s Work Took Her to 80 Countries

Making the most of business travel

Imagine flying business class and staying at high-end hotels all over the world. Pretty awesome, right? Now imagine getting paid to do it.

My interviewee today, Mar of Once in a Lifetime Journey, used to travel for work every week. She has visited 80 countries and has lived as an expat in London, Montreal, Dubai Johannesburg, Tegucigalpa and Singapore. This kind of lifestyle can get tiring, of course, but Mar’s wanderlust made it a great arrangement for her.

Besides getting to slip off to explore exotic destinations during her free time, she also had a lot of opportunities to rack up airline and hotel loyalty points to use for vacations. (She shares some of her best travel hacking tips at the end of the interview.)

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