100+ Easy Ways to Save Money

How to easily save money

Minimum effort and maximum results — I try to structure everything in my life to achieve these two things. That’s why I believe the best way to save money is to focus on my biggest expenses, ie. housing, transport, food and recurring subscriptions. I find it a lot easier to live in a cheap apartment and […]

Priceline Bidding: Tips to Bid on Hotels

Priceline hotel biding tips and strategies

Bidding in a Priceline hotel auction is one of the most interesting ways to score cheap hotel rooms. It takes research, practice and patience to get these deals, but it can be really satisfying in the end. I’ve seen people get really ridiculous deals this way, often a fraction of the prices displayed on other […]

Luxury for Less: The Secret to Booking Secret Hotel Rooms

The secret to booking secret hotel rooms.

Want great accommodation at dirt-cheap prices? Why not try secret hotels?   What are secret hotel rooms? Even the best hotels can’t fill all their rooms 100% of the time, so they sell the excess at deep discounts. But if everybody knows about the price cuts, their reputation might suffer and their other guests probably […]

How to Use Your Holidays to Get Healthy

Plan a yoga retreat holiday

We all know how important is it to have time to ourselves. But with today’s hectic lifestyles, finding a moment for some quality me time is a challenge. Maybe it’s time you put yourself first and booked a holiday that’s all about you. Here are some pointers from Holiday Lettings to help you plan your perfect […]

15 Commandments of Flying Budget Airlines

Avoid fees when flying budget airlines

They lure you in with dirt-cheap prices. Then when you’re hooked, they slap you with hidden fees. Flying with budget airlines can end up being quite pricey if you don’t know how to maneuver yourself through the fees and restrictions.   How bad can these fees be? Let’s say RyanAir is having sale and advertises a ticket […]

Agness and Cez: Tramps and Budget Travelers by Choice

Travel around the world on $25 a day

Meet Agness and Cez — a couple of friends (really, just friends!) from Poland who have been traveling the world together for a few years. They travel the world on a bare-bones budget of $25 per day and feature their cheap travel tips on their website, eTramping. For them, budget travel isn’t just a necessity, but […]

Where’s the Best Place to Find House-Sitting Jobs?

House-sitting websites

You may hate the answer, but here it is: it depends. The good news? There are only a few big house-sitting websites, so it won’t take long to check them out one by one. By doing it this way, you’ll only pay when you know there are great opportunities available. With all these websites, you can […]

Travel Planning With Social Media: Part 3

Online travel planning

Last month, a personal finance blogger, Sean from Small Business Billionaire, was planning a trip to India. With the help of other travelers on Twitter, I found ways to make his trip cheaper and more interesting. If you have no idea what this is about, check out the earlier posts in this series here (part 1) and […]

How to Take Advantage of Flexibility in Flight Booking

Get cheap airfares by being flexible

Let’s face it; you rarely have complete flexibility in flight booking. There may be vacation dates to respect or people to visit. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have no wiggle room at all. Here are some ways you can take advantage of any flexibility you have, sorted by which part of your itinerary you’re willing to change.   […]

Sell vs Rent: What to Do With a House Before Long-Term Travel

Should you sell your house before long-term travel?

If you own your home and you’re about to travel for an extended period of time, you have a big decision to make. Many long-term travelers recommend that you sell your house and travel the world; you’ll have fewer things to worry about on the road. That’s one good, reasonable option. But like everything else in […]