The Travel Quiz: What’s Your Travel Personality?

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If you read enough about travel online, you must be familiar with the arguments people have, usually in the comments section of popular travel articles on big websites. Hardcore travelers say everybody can travel, while other commenters say it’s not possible except for ultra-rich people.

Instead of writing a super-long piece about how we’re all different but we should all get along anyway, I made my first flowchart quiz ever. Take a few seconds to do the travel quiz! (Click on the quiz to enlarge.)

Travel Quiz: are you a vacationer, expat or nomad?

How did you do on the travel quiz?



If you’re a vacationer, long-term budget travel sounds like hell to you. Why would you want to be away from the comfort of home and the company of your loved ones? Also, your job is important to you for the financial security and/or priceless personal satisfaction it provides. You’re not giving any of it up to sit in crappy buses for days and sleep in bedbug-infested hostels.

For you, travel is about taking a break from real life, which you love but can sometimes be overwhelming. You love short trips and you may even think extended travel is nothing but exhausting. If you want to travel for a little longer, you’ll take a round-the-world trip and then come home content at the end.

How you can afford travel:

  • You probably have a stable job, so take advantage of it. Set aside some of your income for travel. If you have to, put it in a separate account so you don’t accidentally use it for other stuff.
    Here are some money-saving ideas you can use.
  • Alternatively, you can get a job where travel is a built-in part of the work — but only if that aligns with your life goals. This usually means working in the travel industry, for example as a tour guide or a crew member on a ship.



Travel is about fully experiencing a place for you — the history, the culture, the people, the language. You want to travel extensively, but you also want a little stability in your life. As an expat, you could enjoy having a home and a regular income, while immersing yourself in a different culture.

How you can afford travel:

  • If you live abroad for a prolonged period of time, you can get a job to pay the bills. Lots of travelers work as English teachers or au pairs. Hospitality jobs are also generally easy to obtain.
  • You can build a whole new life abroad, establishing a career there. Work in the field of your choice and you’ll always have that experience with you, wherever you choose to establish yourself in the future.



Travel is the ultimate dream for you. You’d do almost anything to see a little more of the world. You want to be in constant motion, experiencing as much of everything as possible, even it that means having to make big sacrifices and take big risks.

How you can afford travel:

  • You may not stay for long enough in one place to build a career, but you can take on seasonal jobs to pay the bills. Hospitality jobs at hostels or cruise ships would work really well for you.
  • If you don’t need cash, take on some work exchange gigs. You’ll get free accommodation and/or food for your effort.
  • Earning money online would truly take your location independence to another level. You can freelance, do online consulting, build a business…there’s no limit to what you can accomplish online.
  • Building passive income would free up your time so you can truly experience the moment, wherever you may be. As long as you can manage your income online (eg. emails with your property manager, an online platform to monitor your stock portfolio, etc.), you’re golden. This takes a lot of work upfront, though.

Check out this link to learn more about how you can earn money as you travel.


So can everybody afford travel?

It’s really not about whether travel is affordable — it’s about priorities. Sure, there are lots of people online whose goal in life is to see as much of the world as possible. But let’s face it, in real life, we’re a minority. Most people have other priorities in life; a modern apartment downtown, nights out with friends or an awesome wardrobe, for example. We want different things in life and that’s okay.

And it’s also about the definition of travel. Again, some people don’t mind getting down and dirty if it means they get to see strange foreign lands. Most people, though, think of travel as a time for some pampering and relaxation.

Whatever travel is for you, there are ways to afford it. Like everything else, though, it’s always gonna be easier to afford if you take the budget option — which, again, is not everyone’s cup of tea.


Let me know how you did on the quiz! :)

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  1. “I want to have a home and nice things”
    What is a home? Real Estate? Not really real estate. A homey home? Yes. What makes a home homey? A girl to relate to, feel safe. Ok, but can she be on Skype. Well, why not? Or I don’t know.

    “A routine gives my life structure”
    Well, sure, just a little bit of your routine. Just a little bit…

    Basically, back to square one

    • You may be overthinking it, Olivier. ;) It’s not a cryptic quiz, just a quick and simple one. The point is there’s no one way to do life, it all depends on what you want. And what you want is something only you can determine; a short online quiz can’t give you the answer. I love that your definition of a “home” is a girl, though. That’s really sweet.

  2. This is a great little quiz; I fall squarely into the expat category. Which makes sense, I like to stay in one place for months at a time!

    • Thanks, Laura! I’m glad you like the quiz. :D Slow travel is awesome; you really get to know a place!

  3. Great flowchart! I fluctuated between Nomad & Expat. I am actually an expat in Athens, Greece and I actually teach English! I write as well, and hope one day to make this the source of income…I like being mobile, hence the Nomad part of me.

    Great post Deia – thanks.

    • Thanks for the compliment, Bex! Sounds like we’re kinda alike. We both like being mobile, but also want some financial stability. :)

  4. Nomad for me all the way! :D

  5. Ok I love flowcharts. This is all kinds of awesome, and I say that without any irony.

    My results got me nomad, which is sort of the opposite of where I am now (vacationer), but working online from anywhere is what I am aiming for.

    • Thank you! I love all kinds of charts. One of my big achievements was slipping a Venn diagram into a conversation about wedding planning. :D

      The quiz is more about what kind of lifestyle would suit you, so that sounds about right. You’re a nomad trapped in a vacationer’s life! ;) All the best with building online income!

  6. Nomad all the way! And starting to think about making it a reality. It’s kind of scary, but the best dreams usually are! Great quiz :)

  7. I got Expat…in my heart of hearts anyway. For now I’m turning out to be a summer time nomad. I don’t know if I could decide on one place to settle down other than where I’m at currently.

    • Maybe you’ll come across that place when you least expect it, Shell! It’s a little bit like love; you’ll know it when you see it. ;) There are 2-3 places in the world I wouldn’t mind living in, long term; it’s always a special feeling when I find somewhere I wouldn’t mind settling down in.

  8. Nomad! Which is becoming an issue as the 6 month outside of the country mark approaches..

    • An issue because of health insurance, tax or savings? Seeing as so many Canadians are living overseas, I’m sure there are ways to make it happen. :)

      • Health insurance! There are some reasonable options available, it’s just when returning to Canada I think they force you to wait 6 months living in the country to get it back.

        • Ah, I’ve been there. It depends on the province, but at least in AB and BC it’s 3 months. I don’t have any private insurer to recommend, though, because I eat danger for breakfast and went without. (Don’t do this at home, kids.) ;)

  9. Not surprisingly, I am a nomad :D Unfortunately, my husband is a vacationer. Sigh.

  10. I love this! And, no surprise, I’m a nomad! (I did cheat a bit and ignored the “pets” part of “I have to be near…” Family and friends, whatever! But since I can’t live without my pets I always travel with them. They make THE best travel buddies and love being nomads too!)

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the quiz. It did occur to me when designing the quiz that you could travel with pets, although that’s usually limited to dogs and it would place restrictions on where you can travel. In my interview with Lauren, she tells me she only travels by car within North America, for example. I decided to make the quiz as simple as possible. :)

      • I travel with my cockatoo too! But, yes, we stick to North America like Lauren does. There is SO much to see here, why leave? Car travel is greener than flying too! :) And I LOVE the challenge of seeing all this continents beauty with my pets without being restricted- there are so many gorgeous state parks where dogs are allowed with similar views to the National Parks where pets are not often welcome!

        • That’s awesome! I’ve never heard of anyone traveling with a cockatoo.

        • I’m always so sad for my pets when I go overseas and have to leave them behind. I’m looking forward to a road trip next summer that will take us to a few national parks here in the US — mostly because I can bring my dogs with me! I’m pretty sure they’ll have as much of a blast as I will.

          Do you travel by car or RV? That’s a lot of pets for one vehicle! A bird too! That’s crazy awesome. :)

  11. I took the quiz and the result is that I am a vacationer. I’d have to agree because I do have very strong family ties and prioritize my career (especially right now), but I think this will likely change when I get that promotion I’ve been seeking. I just like the chase ;)

    I am what I would call a vacationer deluxe. I have 5-6 weeks of vacation from work every year, and the ability to take off another 4 unpaid weeks. I tend to aim for long, authentic vacations as opposed to all inclusive resort type vacations (nothing wrong with them, I just don’t enjoy them as much as the other type).

    • Wow, that’s a long vacation! Lots of people would kill for 10 weeks of vacation a year.

      I think we do change and want different things as time passes. For now, I live as an expat, but eventually I’d love to transition into a more nomadic lifestyle.

      I can see how you might want a change once you get that promotion. My husband is the same way; he has a goal and gets bored when there’s nothing more to aim for.

  12. Definitely a holidayer. That said, another RTW trip one day might be fun!

  13. I am totally (and already) the Expat type! Now in my 4th year as a Frenchie in Canada.

  14. Nomad! Definitely not surprised! I’ve been working for several years now to build an online business that will sustain my neverending travel wishes! Now just to make it a reality!

    • You know how people say that when you know what you want, you’re halfway there? (Or something like that anyway.) Yep, not quite. It could take quite a lot of time to turn a goal into reality. You know; you’ve been working at this for several years. Not too much longer now! ;)

  15. Ahhhh! Nomad :-) Not really surprised. My husband and I have our 5-10 year plan to retire and just travel the world. We feel so much more alive when we’re exploring! For us, living everywhere – as long as we’re together – that’s where home is!
    Great post, Deia!

    • Sounds like we have the same plan! I want a nomadic lifestyle, but also some financial security, thus the pursuit of location-independent income. And I feel the same way about being home as long as I’m with the husband. I know it sounds sickeningly sweet, but it’s the truth. :D

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